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Celestial Navigation course, 8 February - 24 March 2020

Celestial Navigation is experiencing a renaissance among navigation enthusiasts, cruising sailors, yachting industry, and shipping. Celestial Navigation has many virtues: exciting topic as such (tradition, method, sky, space), no electricity needed, independent source of a position fix, and provides routines during long passages.

The goals of the course are:

  • to provide minimal but covering background theory
  • to keep the work process as simple as possible
  • to select methods practiced by international mainstream

Duration: 24 hours

Course dates:

Module 01. Saturday 8 February 2020. 9:00-13:00.
Module 02. Saturday 8 February 2020. 13:30-17:30.
Module 03. Tuesday 18 February 2020. 17:30-21:30.
Module 04. Tuesday 3 March 2020. 17:30-21:30.
Module 05. Tuesday 10 March 2020. 17:30-21:30.
Module 06. Tuesday 24 March 2020. 17:30-21:30.

Course topics include the following: Introduction to the course, celestial navigation essentials, position fixing and plotting sheet, sextant, concepts related to time, sun sight, sun meridian passage, sun-run-sun, planet sight, star sight, selected stars fix, latitude by Polaris, moon sight, checking for deviation.

Materials include everything needed to work out celestial position fix: lecture slides, nautical almanac, sight reduction tables, working sheets, plotting sheets.

Price: 220 €; includes all materials, lessons, exercises, and course completion certificate.

Location: Lauttasaari Classroom.